Approved the motion that obliges the Government to recover the inheritance tax in the coming weeks

Image result for barcelona inheritance taxBarcelona. (EFE). – The Parlament has approved this Thursday a motion of ERC in which the Govern is urged to implement the new taxes agreed with CiU “in the framework of the current budget year “, which will force the Artur Mas executive to reintroduce the inheritance tax in the coming weeks.

The motion, which has had the favorable votes of CiU, ERC and PSC, ICV-EUiA and CUP and the opponents of PPC and Ciutadans (C’s), means that the inheritance and gift tax will be valid again in Catalonia for rents higher, which means that they only have to pay between 6 and 8% of the population.

The text also implies that the Catalan executive must approve before the summer holidays the property transfer taxes – already decided -, on vacant apartments, on highly polluting activities, and on large commercial establishments.

Once the new taxes have been approved by the Govern, only two other taxes foreseen in the CiU-ERC legislature agreement, the euro vignette for the transport of merchandise by highway and a tax on sweetening beverages will remain pending.

Immediate implementation

Image result for immediateIn an additional point of the motion that has also been approved, the Government is urged to “implement immediately” the tax on deposits in credit institutions, in accordance with the lifting of the suspension of this tax decided by the Constitutional Court .

The motion has been defended by the deputy of ERC Pere Aragonès, who after asking for “a new consensus to increase the revenue of the Generalitat and thus reduce budget cuts”, has estimated at a maximum of 800 million euros the revenue that the Generalitat will obtain with the new taxes.

The PSC has approved almost all the text of the motion but has abstained on the specific point in which “the State is required to fix immediately an objective of deficit that allows to present a bill of Budgets that guarantees the public services of the Welfare state”.

According to his parliamentary spokesman, Maurici Lucena, although his party agrees to the new taxes, considers that the motion represents “a massive joke, because ERC tries to whitewash the bad conscience for not approving the Budgets”.

From CiU, Ferran Falcó has reproached the PP who does not want to support the new Catalan taxes, while the executive of Mariano Rajoy has raised all state taxes, and has attributed his position to “an attempt to stifle the self-government of Catalonia, and , the right to decide of the Catalan people “.

Falcó has said that he endorsed UDC leader Josep Antoni Duran Lleida’s claim that for CiU to recover the inheritance tax “is like pulling a tooth”, but he added: “What hurts us the most is not tearing it away, have to lose it to pay the inheritance received and the fiscal deficit to which the State submits us “.

On the part of the PPC, Jose Antonio Coto has accused the conseller of Economy, Andreu Mas-Colell, of “suffering bipolaridad economic”, because “it will return to reintroduce the tax of successions by demand of ERC, is a new tragala, a new invoice” .

Josep Vendrell, ICV-EUiA, has opined that the text “is an expression of the misgovernment in which we are installed” but has agreed that the Generalitat generate new revenue, while Isabel Vallet, CUP, has claimed that all taxes have a “redistributive burden”, so that only the citizens who have more pay more.

The spokesman of Ciutadans (C’s), Jordi Cañas, has asked the conseller Andreu Mas-Colell and the deputy Pere Aragonès “how long will they abuse our patience ?, because we are not willing to accept that they pass ‘accompanying laws’ in a motion”.

Two amendments of PSC and ICV-EUiA, in which the disagreement with the proposal to reduce the taxes paid by casinos to favor the installation of the Barcelona World project, have not been accepted by ERC, so they have not been accepted. voted.

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